"Might as well hunt with professionals"

The most successful mountain lion guide service in Nevada
How the legacy got started

Welcome to Bull Creek Outfitters where we specialize in trophy mountain lion hunts.

Nevada Department of Wildlife records reflect that we consistently harvest more trophy mountain lions than any other guide service in the Silver State and are globaly renowned and recognized as some of the most successful mountain lion and cougar guides in the world. Our hunts are personalized and our guides are very professional. Bull Creek Outfitters guide a select number of serious sportsmen and women each year. We aim to keep each hunt 1 on 1 (1 guide per hunter) or 2 on 1 (2 guides per hunter) and strive to make each hunt memorable and as successful as possible. 

From a very young age ourselves Cleave and Monte Dwire were taught trapping and hunting by our father who was a professional predator control trapper were also mentored by professional houndsmen, trappers and guide and outfitters who made their living from hunting large predators with hounds. We were very fortunate to be the protégés of these legendary men who had hunted  trophy black bear and mountain lions in the Rocky Mountains, Sonoran deserts and  The Great Basin region to hunting cattle killing Jaguars in the jungles of South America. Before we were teenagers we were taught how to track game in the most harsh climates and difficult tracking and hunting conditions imagineable and by the time we were old enough to drive were catching and harvesting predatory game at a professional level and were sought after and hired by sheep and cattle ranchers to control predation of livestock.  Sadly these mentors of ours have passed away and have gone to greener pastures but we still carry on the old bloodlines of their hounds that had been bred to consistently catch game. Since we specialize in trophy mountain lion hunting and nothing else this allows us to concentrate our efforts on finding large numbers of trophy toms and constantly training our hounds to perfection. For most mountain lion guide services, mountain lion hunting is a part time occupation to go along with their deer, elk, sheep and other big game hunts but for us trophy mountain lion hunts are all we do, as that's how we make our living and we are forced to be the best at our profession. We beleive it is not the easy quarry that makes a hunt memorable and makes a hunter successful but the challenge of pursuing tough game with good hounds. 

How we operate our Mountain Lion Hunts

The day typically starts by waking up at 4:00 am and we are leaving camp or town by 5:00am, each client has his or her own professional mountain lion guide with a pack of 10-12 seasoned hounds with gps tracking collars, horses/mules,side-by-side 4x4 truck equipped with 2 way UHF radios for comunications etc.. The guide will begin looking for lion tracks that have crossed two track jeep trails, ranching and mining roads or horse and game trails that cross cut the  large mountain ranges that the large felines call home . Once the guide or the hounds find the track , the guide will determine age of track and size and sex of the lion and will decide if to pursue the lion or not. We persue the mountain lions by use of putting the hounds on the track who track the mountain lion by sent. Most weeks there are two hunters in camp for the week,  possibly three hunters.  TEAM WORK ...after the first mountain lion is harvested all efforts of the the guides  with their hounds horses and equipment will be focused on getting the second hunter a lion. This becomes a team effort and has allowed us to harvest large numbers of trophy mountain lions over the many years of professionally guiding mountain lion hunts.
Whether it be snow or dry ground conditions, we are consistent in harvesting large numbers of trophy toms, even in the most difficult conditions. 

Our snow hunts typically run from November 15- March 31st and our dry ground hunts can be conducted year round.
7-day Mountain lion hunts are $6,000 

All hunts are 1-on-1 so you always have your own professional mountain lion guide with truck, pack of hounds and never have to share a guide.
Nevada Department of Wildlife & hunting season information
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